Cafe Luca Poses

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This collection of poses for Genesis 3 Male and Female is the perfect thing to populate your Cafe Luca set!

The set comes with 5 Barista poses for each figure along with 5 Patron poses that also have a couple of mirrored poses for the seating area.

What’s Included and Features

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Cafe Luca Poses: (.DUF)
5 Female Barista Poses
5 Male Barista Poses
5 Female Patron Poses + 2 Mirrored Poses
5 Male Patron Poses + 2 Mirrored Poses





Want to know more about Daz 3D?

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Daz3D is most importantly a 3D content and software company specializing providing rigged 3D human models in addition to associated accessory content and software firstly to the hobbyist, secondly as well as the prosumer market.

 Its similarly to other 3D renderers however its powerful features makes it in conclusion a very versatile tool. After that you coun with the iray technology.

Firstly, you can download assets for testing however you should support the artist, In conclusion be thankful for the people making great content.


Renderosity is a digital art community for cg artists to buy and sell 2d and 3d content, cg news, free 3d models, 2d textures, backgrounds, and brushes.

Inspired by the quality and power of Iray, ‘Render Studio’ is packed with everything you need to produce incredible Daz Studio character renders.

Including a full set of mesh and photometric lights that are complimented with many different colors and real world light temperatures. This set also includes three FX projectors with tonnes of projections, a background and floor prop and a classic Infinity Cove studio prop. Both props come with a multitude of texture and shader options.

Five pre-set, ready to render scenes (Just add figures) are also included. Along with a full selection of Iray render settings from an extremely fast ‘Draft’ setting to a full production ‘Ultra’ setting. A 10 page PDF usereguide is included to help you get up and running within minutes.


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